how long does a snapchat story last

How Long Does a Snapchat Story Last


Snapchat Stories offer a dynamic way to share moments with friends or the public, but they don’t last forever. A standard Snapchat Story remains visible for 24 hours after it is posted. After this period, the Story disappears from your profile and is no longer accessible to your followers​​. Snapchat Story Durations Feature Duration Description […]

what does the little x mean on snapchat

What Does The Little X Mean On Snapchat


Snapchat, a dynamic social media platform, frequently updates its features and symbols, leaving users curious about their meanings. One such symbol, the little “x,” appears next to names in your chat feed. This guide will delve into what this symbol signifies and how it affects your interactions on Snapchat. What Does the Little “x” Mean […]